January 24, 2021


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Bel20 is taking a break

Bel20 is taking a break

The Brussels stock exchange took a step back on Wednesday after the sharp rise the day before. The Bel20 index fell 0.56 percent to 3,702.84 points.

The losers in elite stocks were led by Galapagos (- 3.01 percent to 101.65 euros), Umicore (- 2.97 percent to 37.54 euros) and ING (- 2.67 percent to 8.37 euros) .

In the second row, Balta (- 6.12 percent to 2.30 euros) and Cenergy (- 4.32 percent to 1.82 euros) gave off the most steam.

CFE fell 1.81 percent to 70.50 euros. The excavator subsidiary Deme was nevertheless able to announce that a consortium in which the company is involved has won an important contract for the construction of the Ravenna Port Hub in Italy.

In the big stocks, profit was mostly for Telenet and argenx. The telecommunications value rose by 2.36 percent to 34.64 euros, the biotech value by 1.74 percent to 222.60 euros.

In particular, Nyrstar (41.67 percent to 0.34 euros) and Hamon (+ 8.02 percent to 1.75 euros) attracted attention in the broader market.

Ter Beke rose by 5.99 percent to 115.00 euros. KBC Securities raised the price target for the food group’s share from 125 euros to 140 euros. Low pork prices are good for the company’s profitability.

Wereldhave Belgium lost 3.68 percent to 47.90 euros. The retail real estate group investor and its CEO Kasper Deforche will part ways at the end of this year. This was decided after mutual consultation.

Elia rose by 1.63 percent to 93.60 euros. The operator of the high-voltage network confirmed its goals for this year. This means an adjusted return on equity between 6.5 and 7.5 percent.

Mithra rose by a further 1.21 percent to 20.10 euros. The European Medicines Agency has recognized Östetrol as a new active ingredient in the field of contraception. This is the substance the company uses to make the Estelle contraceptive pill.

Shurgard rose 1.57 percent to 35.55 euros. The warehouse landlord received planning permission for a new complex in Morangis near Paris. It is the company’s 41st location in the region.