December 4, 2020


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Bel20 cannot reverse losses and keeps slipping

Bel20 cannot reverse losses and keeps slipping

The Brussels stock exchange was unable to reverse the downward trend on Thursday. After the severe relapse from the previous day, the Bel20 index fell by a further 0.37 percent to 3,036.59 points.

The index values ​​fell, especially for Telenet, and fell by 3.55 percent to 31.54 euros. The telecommunications and media group still wants to distribute a dividend of at least 2.75 euros in the coming years. This replaces the original plan to distribute 50 to 70 percent of the adjusted free cash flow. For 2020 it will already be 2.75 euros: half as an advance in December, the other half as a final dividend in May next year. In the third quarter, the company’s sales fell by 2 percent to 638 million euros, and the adjusted operating cash flow by 5 percent to 343.1 million euros.

Galapagos also lost more than 3 percent. The biotech title was cut by 2.72 percent to 100.30 euros.

In the second row, Biocartis was hit by 19.98 percent at a closing price of EUR 3.33. Stocks ceased trading in the late afternoon, and following the exchange, the diagnostics company confirmed that it will end its collaboration with American Exact Sciences to develop a rapid breast cancer test.

In the big stocks, the gain was mostly for Barco and WDP, both of which lost more than 3 percent. The visualization group recovered by 3.37 percent to 13.19 euros. The real estate investor rose by 3.14 percent to EUR 28.24.

AB InBev rose 0.51 percent to 45.49 euros. The brewer sold 146.6 million hectoliters of beer in the third quarter. That was 1.9 percent more than in the same period in 2019. Sales rose by 4 percent to 12.8 billion US dollars. The underlying profit increased from $ 1.87 billion to $ 1.60 billion. Even so, the company has decided not to pay an interim dividend this year and will keep the money in cash.

For the smaller values, Bone Therapeutics was 7.63 percent higher at a closing price of 2.82 euros. The biotech company sells a production facility in Charleroi to Catalent Pharma Solutions, USA. After repaying a loan of 3 million euros and existing commitments of 3 million euros, she still has 6 million euros to step up her research into the treatment of bone problems.

Shurgard rose by 2.80 percent to 36.70 euros. The warehouse manager’s adjusted current net profit rose in the third quarter by 8.3 percent to 31.7 million euros.

Sioen rose by 2.52 percent to 18.30 euros. However, the listing was discontinued in the course of trading. This allowed the family reference shareholders to announce their intention to leave the exchange. They are offering 23 euros per title that they do not yet own.

Befimmo rose by 0.45 percent to 33.35 euros. The real estate investor is sticking to its forecast of paying a dividend of EUR 2.24 for 2020. Of this, EUR 1.68 will be paid in December. The net profit of the real estate fund fell in the first nine months from 64.3 million euros to 61.8 million euros.