October 30, 2020


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Barnier “worried and disappointed” with Britain’s rigid Brexit stance NOW

Barnier "worried and disappointed" with Britain's rigid Brexit stance NOW

The EU’s top negotiator, Michel Barnier, has urged UK negotiators to join the Brexit negotiations to reach an agreement before the end of October. Barnier did that Call Wednesday visit to an Irish think tank. Negotiations between the UK and the European Union have long been stalled, while a final departure from the British is getting closer.

Barnier’s words follow an urgent meeting with British negotiator David Frost about the lack of progress in the negotiations. However, this emergency meeting brought nothing. “We haven’t seen any change in the UK’s position. I am concerned and disappointed,” said Barnier.

The French want to speed up the negotiations because he wants to reach an agreement before the end of October. Barnier said November and December would then be required to ratify a possible agreement.

Whether this will work is still the question. The main weaknesses have remained the same for months: fishing, guarantees of fair competition (so-called level playing field) and future handling of dispute resolution. No progress has been made in these areas. “The British continue to disappoint when it comes to these three issues,” said Barnier.

The two sides will meet again next week in London for the eighth round of negotiations. After next week, only one round is planned between Great Britain and the EU. “So I hope that after the next round of negotiations I can tell a new story, a story of real and tangible progress,” concluded the EU negotiator.