January 16, 2021


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AXA offers customers free online psychological support

AXA offers customers free online psychological support


AXA insurance starts on Tuesday with a three-month test project for free psychological online help. Customers with hospital insurance with “Doctors Online” can access psychological help around the clock within half an hour. Also from abroad.

A study conducted by AXA among 5,800 adults in seven European countries shows that the number of participants with mental health problems has tripled since the outbreak of the coronavirus. For this reason, AXA customers who have hospital insurance with “Doctors Online” have access to free psychological online help until December 31st.

The clinical psychologist Anouck Heulot from the POBOS Counseling Center for Welfare is one of the psychologists who provide online help. “This is a great initiative that hopefully will lower the threshold. About ten psychologists from our network are available for up to three interviews of half an hour to one hour. If it turns out that more care is required, additional discussions with the same psychologist or others from our network will follow. “

The Flemish Association for Clinical Psychologists (VVKP) doesn’t like the idea, but it also sees pitfalls. “It is of course a good thing that a large insurer like AXA pays attention to psychiatric care,” says Koen Lowet, CEO of VVKP. “An online consultation is perfect as an introductory meeting or for triage. The difficulty is of course: How are the patients examined afterwards? “