January 19, 2021


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Aviation News comes with a limited year-end magazine

Aviation News comes with a limited year-end magazine

In addition to the directors mentioned above, there are also major aviation and travel names such as Marcel de Nooijer (CEO Transavia), Willem Schmid (Chairman VNV), Annette Groeneveld (Chairman VNC), Arjan Kers (Director TUI Netherlands), Frank Oostdam (Director ANVR) and Arjan Meijer (CEO Embraer Commercial Aviation), Anko van der Werff (CEO Avianca) and Benno Baksteen (aviation expert) have their say.

In the magazine, we also look back on 2020 in text and pictures and look back on 2021, the year in which the fervently desired recovery for the aviation and travel sector must show itself.

This time the magazine can only be ordered through our own webshop and will not appear in the store. Subscribers will of course receive the magazine as part of the subscription to the mat. Order the magazine before Tuesday, December 8th, after which it will no longer be for sale. Go to the webshop to order the magazine.

A single number costs 11.95 euros. The magazine will be released on Saturday December 12th.