October 23, 2020


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At least white smoke: AB InBev wants to found a brewery in Jupille …

At least white smoke: AB InBev wants to found a brewery in Jupille ...

The reconciliation talks between AB InBev and the unions at the Jupille brewery in Liège on Monday seem to have produced results. The brewer hopes for a restart within a few hours.

The brewery in Jupille, where, among other things, Jupiler is brewed, has been closed for ten days. After a series of corona infections, some employees decided to go on strike. A reconciliation meeting took place on Monday. And that led to a “recommendation,” the company said. The exact contents of this advisory are not yet known, but the company hopes to restart it in the next few hours.

There would be an audit to analyze the approach to the Covid-19 outbreak in the company can be heard by the unions. It was also agreed to lift the penalties for those who block the operation of the brewery. The socialist union will now organize several staff meetings starting at 10 p.m.

The AB InBev brewery in Jupille has had a serious social conflict for 10 days. A strike breaks out after a series of corona infections in the logistics department. The unions believe the company reacted too late, the brewer denies and faces penalties if the brewery’s operations are blocked. The company also spoke of an unsafe situation in Jupille, which is said to be an aggressive atmosphere. ABVV union always denied.