November 24, 2020


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Asscher addresses KLM pilots: Come to your senses

Asscher addresses KLM pilots: Come to your senses

PvdA leader Asscher hopes KLM pilots will agree to a wage cut by 2025 to ensure state support for the airline. He said this after the presentation of the draft party program of the PvdA in Heerenveen.

“I urge pilots to think of all their colleagues. 30,000 people, 30,000 families, not all of them with high incomes. There are baggage handlers and cabin crew who don’t just go back to work elsewhere. Please pilots, now is the time to come to your senses and save so many jobs. “

Hard establishment

This summer, the PvdA was the only major left-wing party to approve the € 3.4 billion support package for KLM to help it weather the corona crisis. The SP and GroenLinks voted against.

Asscher now also supports the tough stance of the cabinet, which KLM only wants to support billions if all employees agree to a wage reduction by 2025. The VNV pilot union is particularly against it; The pilots are sticking to the earlier agreement on wage cuts until 2022 and want to examine more closely what is needed.

Hoekstra does not want to speak to VNV

The VNV wants to meet with Minister Hoekstra, but he doesn’t want to. Hoekstra pointed out this afternoon that he had agreements with the management of KLM and that the pilots must therefore be with KLM.

Other unions, such as the aeronautical technicians and some of the flight attendants, are willing to give up five years’ wages. The FNV Aviation union is still considering this.