January 15, 2021


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Are you still getting your health insurance? You should pay attention

Are you still getting your health insurance? You should pay attention

It will be on many to-do lists in the coming days: Health Insurance Review for 2021. And health comparison sites will notice. They see relatively more visitors to their websites between Christmas and New Years Eve. What should you consider when taking out new health insurance?

Most important advice: don’t renew your insurance without checking what changes have been made. “You don’t always have to switch, but you have to check that you are still in the right position,” advises Suzanne Löwik of Pricewise. “It is possible that your health insurer has changed an additional insurance policy and, for example, you are only reimbursed for nine instead of twelve physiotherapy treatments.”

The mandatory deductible will remain € 385 for the next year. However, almost all health insurers have increased their premiums. Treatments have only been added to the basic package for certain groups, e.g. B. Corona recovery treatments and physical therapy for people with COPD lung disease.

Around 6 to 7 percent of all Dutch people switch to a different health insurer every year. We are careful, see the comparison pages. “People generally don’t like the topic and find it complicated,” says Peter Ruys from Zorgkiezer. “Because of the corona, they seem to be postponing it even more.”

“Health insurance is an emotional product because you insure your body and your health,” says Löwik. “People feel that they are not properly insured when they switch. We see that older people are sometimes with the same insurer for more than ten years, while the differences between the premiums become more and more different.”

According to the comparison pages, the difference between the cheapest material policy and the most expensive reimbursement policy has increased to around 500 euros. This is mainly because the refund policy is getting more expensive. The differences between benefits in kind also amount to tens of euros per year.

In the video below, kup op 3 previously explained why the premiums can be different and how you can save money. But also: what about the deductible? And why do so few people change?

Another point is the discount that 63 percent of the Dutch receive through group insurance, for example with an employer or association. This discount has been reduced since this year and can be completely abolished in 2023. A discount may sound good, but it can end up being more expensive if the base premium for your group insurance is higher.

“People think: I’ll stay here because it has been good so far. But a discount on more expensive basic insurance is ultimately still a more expensive insurance,” says Löwik.

It was therefore expected that more people would switch this year, but that didn’t happen. “It is therefore a good idea to check whether the discount is still attractive for your group,” says Ruys.

A final tip is to take a look at the “house brands” of insurance companies. “It may have been online policies in the past, but now almost all insurance policies require online agreements,” says Ruys. “The main difference is that the budget options reimburse a little less when you go to a non-contracted care provider.”