October 20, 2020


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Apple takes the fight against Fortnite home: technology …

Apple takes the fight against Fortnite home: technology ...

Apple doesn’t have to return the popular Fortnite game to the App Store. An American judge has ruled this in a preliminary ruling. Earlier this month, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store as developer Epic Games introduced a new payment system into the game to bypass the mandatory bank transfers to Apple.

The American judge also ruled that Apple must not revoke Epic Games’ developer license. This means that Epic Games may continue to provide the Unreal Engine, graphics technology for 3D games, for other apps in the App Store. For example, Microsoft uses the Unreal Engine for a number of games. Epic had asked the judge for a preliminary ruling, otherwise she would suffer irreparable damage.

Part of the argument is the 30 percent commission Apple expects from every purchase in the App Store. Epic Games thinks that’s too much. For the same reason, Fortnite has also been removed from its app store, the Play Store, by Google.

Apple is also under fire from several quarters for the commission it charges on its app store and the terms it attaches to it. For example, the European Commission is investigating a complaint from the music streaming service Spotify.