January 16, 2021


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Appeal of the three-time murder suspect Thijs H. begins

Appeal of the three-time murder suspect Thijs H. begins

Photo: ANP

The appeal against the three-time murder suspect Thijs H will begin on Tuesday in the court in Den Bosch. He was sentenced this summer by the Maastricht court to eighteen years in prison and the compulsory treatment of a murder in The Hague and a double homicide on Brunsummerheide. H. appealed.

The substance of the matter has not yet been discussed, it is an introductory hearing. When a suspect is in prison, he must see a judge every three months who will decide whether to continue the detention. Only fifteen minutes are allotted for this first pro forma meeting. Both H. and his lawyer Serge Weening will not be present, Weening said.

The 29-year-old H. has already announced that he killed a 56-year-old woman in the Scheveningse Bosjes in The Hague on May 4th last year. Three days later he struck the Brunssummerheide, where he first stabbed a 63-year-old woman and shortly afterwards a 68-year-old man. The victims were suddenly attacked with great violence and killed.

According to the Pieter Baan Center, Thijs H. was completely insane during his actions. However, the court questioned the extent of H.’s delusions, according to the court, adding to the symptoms and colored behaviors that were later declared completely insane. According to the court, he did this coloring based on stories searched on the internet about symptoms of psychopathy, medication and drug use.

According to H.’s attorney, he was wrongly convicted of murder and the court wrongly charged him with part of his actions. “After extensive and careful research, the Pieter Baan Center has come to the conclusion that he was acting entirely under the influence of severe psychosis. Thijs H. was completely crazy, ”Weening said after the court’s conviction. He believes “that the judgment of the court does not do justice to the circumstances in which Thijs came to his actions.”