January 24, 2021


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Animal organizations challenge the decision about the elephant Buba

Animal organizations challenge the decision about the elephant Buba

Photo: ANP

Animal rights organizations will be on trial to challenge Minister Carola Schouten’s decision that the elephant Buba can stay in Circus Freiwald. Animal rights and bite back are also threatening to sue the circus itself.

The minister decided on Tuesday, at the urging of the House of Representatives, that the African elephant can stay here. While wild animals are no longer allowed to perform in a circus in the Netherlands and traveling with wild animals is also prohibited.

“This is an absolute ban that will not change the Freiwald family’s crocodile tears,” says Erwin Vermeulen of Animal Rights. “The fact that inexperienced MPs want to condemn the African elephant Buba as the living advertising pillar of a practically bankrupt circus is nothing more than populism.”

According to the animal organizations, there is a suitable animal shelter for Buba in France, which the minister had also previously considered. “There is therefore no reason to grant a new exception on January 1st, regardless of whether it is Minister Schouten’s turn”, says Vermeulen. “Tuba’s interests are sacrificed for cheap feelings by a backbone minister.”