October 30, 2020


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Ancienne Belgique works with more than 200 external … (Brussels)

Ancienne Belgique works with more than 200 external ... (Brussels)

Brussels –

The consequences of the corona crisis can also be felt in the Ancienne Belgique concert hall, which announced on Monday that it was forced to end its collaboration with more than 200 external employees. The major cultural player in Brussels fears that a real recovery will only become apparent in summer 2021.

The termination of the collaboration with more than 200 external employees corresponds to 30 full-time equivalents. Most of these employees have made a living from the many activities in AB for a long time, but the last live concert in front of a crowded house takes place on March 10th. These are, in particular, interns, security personnel, catering personnel, backstage catering personnel, freelance technicians or external cleaning teams that the AB calls to the door as a result of the corona crisis.

“The corona crisis hits AB in the heart. AB is forced to adjust its employment due to the corona-related measures related to culture, the associated reduction in capacity and the disappearance of large international tours, ”said a press release.

At AB, they argue that a clear perspective is urgently needed for a fresh start in the cultural sector, but the prospects are not encouraging. Within AB, they fear that a real recovery in the most optimistic forecast will not be possible until summer 2021. AB therefore calls for the support of LIVE2020, the solidarity fund for Belgian live music.