October 28, 2020


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Amazon makes a quarter of all online sales in E …

Amazon makes a quarter of all online sales in E ...

In 2019, the American web shop Amazon accounted for almost a quarter of the turnover in the “cross-border” e-commerce market in Europe. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, a platform that promotes e-commerce across national borders, reports this Wednesday.

The total cross-border e-commerce market in the European Union, i.e. the market for digital purchases by companies in another country, achieved a turnover of 143 billion euros last year. 89 percent of this is generated on marketplaces where various third parties offer products.

Amazon is the largest provider with sales of 32 billion euros in 2019, or almost a quarter of the market. This corresponds to an increase of 18.5 percent compared to 2018. Marketplaces of European origin are led by Vinted, G2A, Farfetch and Zalando. together they make up 11 percent of the market (+17 percent).

Amazon also tops the Top 100 Cross-Border Marketplaces Europe, a new annual analysis of the world’s best cross-border platforms in Europe. The list is based on parameters such as cross-border online sales in the European Union, the number of visitors from other countries, the brand’s pan-European strategy and the artificial intelligence and big data strategy.

The ten best cross-border online marketplaces are complemented by eBay (USA), AliExpress (China), Etsy (USA), Discogs (USA), Wish (USA), Vinted (Lithuania), G2A (Poland) and Farfetch (Large) Great Britain ) and Bandcamp (USA). Most of the companies in the top 100 (68 percent) are “pure” marketplaces that do not sell any products themselves, but only those from third-party providers such as Discogs, Wish, Farfetch and Bandcamp.

Of the top 100, 41 companies sell used goods. “In the second-hand fashion industry C2C (private to private sale) and P2P (peer-to-peer) with mobile apps like StockX, Depop and Grailed, a new type of market is emerging,” it says. “Thanks to the corona pandemic, new shopping habits could mean the end of ‘Fast Fashion Made in China’. This is the “Green Planet” effect. “

Finally, sales via social media also increase. “Consumers become influencers and communicate via a buy button on American platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Facebook.”