January 20, 2021


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“Amazon lets Sinterklaas and Santa shop extra early”

"Amazon lets Sinterklaas and Santa shop extra early"

Photo: ANP

The battle for Sinterklaas and Christmas sales starts particularly early this year. Amazon is holding a gigantic sale through its Dutch webshop next week with its Prime Day promotion. Experts assume that competitors like Bol.com and Coolblue will not sit still and may slow down earlier with discounts.

“If a new campaign is successful, other companies will follow suit. Maybe not this year, but there is no doubt that there will be competitors, ”says Marketing and Retail Professor Kitty Koelemeijer. Retail and branding expert Paul Moers also believes Prime Day will generate reactions from other companies. “Everyone is afraid of losing market share and will eventually join the price drop.”

Usually, the American webshop giant’s international event falls in July, but the coronavirus outbreak forced Amazon to postpone Prime Day to October 13th and 14th. “It’s the perfect month to stay one step ahead of other November sales events like Black Friday and Singles Day,” says Koelemeijer. “The consumer’s budget is of course not infinite, so companies want to be the first to find bargains.”

Due to the corona crisis, Moers is wondering whether large discount campaigns will be as successful this year as they were before. “The number of bankruptcies is now increasing and consumer confidence is falling dramatically,” he says. “A lot of people are putting money aside now. Nor do we yet know whether we can spend the holidays with company, and if not, fewer gifts will be bought. “

Amazon started Prime Day in the US in 2015. The event is not without controversy. Every year since 2018, Amazon employees have been protesting against the company’s poor working conditions, such as low wages and constantly increasing workloads, on discount day. The retail group has only had an extensive web branch in the Netherlands since March this year. The goods for the Netherlands are distributed from a distribution center in Mönchengladbach, just across the German border.

In a response from Bol.com it said that thousands of items have already been lowered in price in the past few months and that there will be regular promotions in the coming weeks as well. “It doesn’t have that much to do with Prime Day,” says the webshop. Coolblue has announced that there will be no specific promotional period in October. “However, we are preparing for Black Friday in November and of course for Christmas in December.”