January 16, 2021


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Also green light from the British House of Lords and Queen for the Brexit deal

Also green light from the British House of Lords and Queen for the Brexit deal

Photo: ANP

The UK House of Lords gave the green light to the UK-European Union trade deal, which was signed last week after lengthy negotiations. On Wednesday before, the House of Commons had also approved the Brexit deal with a large majority.

Both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the House of Lords, were called back for a special session from the Christmas break. Queen Lindsay has also blessed the trade deal, said Lindsay Hoyle, chairwoman of the lower house.

The UK left the EU in late January, but was bound by existing agreements with the country bloc until the end of this year. The lack of new trade agreements threatened great chaos and costly trade barriers after the turn of the year. London and Brussels have reached agreements on fishing rights, a level playing field between UK and EU companies and compliance with agreements.

Incidentally, both the Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland rejected the treaty on Wednesday. However, their votes did not affect the legislative process in London. The Scots reiterated their dislike of Brexit and there is dissatisfaction in Northern Ireland over fears that Britain’s exit from the EU will continue to cause economic damage in the region.

The European Parliament (EP) has yet to approve the agreement. As this will not happen until next year, an interim regulation was required in Brussels to ensure that commercial tariffs did not suddenly apply on January 1st. That was arranged earlier this week. The European Commission has proposed a preliminary deal by February 28th to give the EP time to thoroughly review the agreement.