January 28, 2021


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Also a flight ban for South Africa, KLM has to return “empty” to Schiphol

Also a flight ban for South Africa, KLM has to return "empty" to Schiphol

The flight ban applies until January 1, 2021.

MP Jan Paternotte (D66) called on the cabinet this morning to ban the flight. He wanted the Netherlands to initially ban all passenger flights from South Africa to Germany and Switzerland. Around midnight, two KLM Boeing 777s would fly back to Schiphol from Johannesburg and Cape Town. “Until then, it has to be clear,” Paternotte told NH Nieuws.

South Africa is the second country to receive a flight ban from the Netherlands. Until yesterday, no UK travelers are allowed to enter the Netherlands. Dozens of countries have now imposed such a ban on the UK.

‘Empty’ back
The two KLM flights will return to the Netherlands “empty”. As with the UK to Schiphol flights, KLM can still carry cargo by air.

“It is good that the cabinet acted today. With a vaccine in sight, this is not the right time to take unnecessary risks with the spread of the virus,” Jan Paternotte told NH Nieuws. “The next step now is to contact travelers who have come from South Africa in the past few weeks to see if the variant of the virus has been imported.”

For stranded passengers, Paternotte suggests return flights that require each traveler to undergo at least two corona tests. It is very important for the D66 that passengers are double tested before going on special flights. The MP says the cost of repatriation should be borne by the passengers.

Compulsory exam at Schiphol
“The risk of spreading can be significantly reduced if the government takes action on Proposals D66 and VVD to make a negative test mandatory for every traveler before entering the Netherlands, preferably with the option of Dutch citizens upon arrival take a test in Schiphol let it take time, “said Paternotte.

This article is from the media partner NH news.