January 28, 2021


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All shops are allowed to open doors again, Comeos: “There are enough …

All shops are allowed to open doors again, Comeos: "There are enough ...

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Photo: David Van Hecke

All shops can open their doors again starting today, Tuesday. In the fight against the corona virus, they were only allowed to work via home delivery and collection last month.

At the end of October, the Consultative Committee – the body in which the various governments of our country consult – decided to reintroduce stricter rules to combat the rising number of corona infections. One of these “last-chance measures” was the closure of all non-essential stores from November 2nd. They were allowed to continue working by home delivery or collection.

One month later, this measure will be relaxed: From December 1st, all shops will be able to reopen their doors. The reopening is accompanied by strict measures: for example, a mouth mask must still be worn, people must go shopping alone (with the exception of minors in their own household and those who need guidance), and it must be short (no longer than ) 30 minutes, except by appointment). Also, depending on the size of the store, there are only a limited number of customers allowed at the same time, and large stores must ensure access control. Shops are also required to provide hand hygiene products and properly ventilate them.

Comeos: “Keep it safe together”

The Comeos merchants’ association urges people to shop safely. “More than 40,000 stores will reopen,” says CEO Dominique Michel. “Together we have to ensure that this is safely possible. Stores have been closed for a month, for obvious reasons needless to say, there is more than enough stock everywhere. There is something for everybody. You do not have to hurry. “

Comeos is asking customers to distribute their purchases. “There are still exactly 24 days until Christmas, we also have Sunday opening this month, so most shops are open all weekend. So you don’t have to go shopping on the first day or on Saturday. “In addition, the association demands the obligation to shop alone, to be respected and to be friendly to the shop staff.