October 26, 2020


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Alderman Geert leaves the Urk community post office

Alderman Geert leaves the Urk community post office

Photo: ANP

Alderman Geert Post from the Urk community announced in a council meeting on Tuesday evening that he was leaving. Post had been discredited when his son was arrested after British Customs found over 400 kilos of hard drugs under the flowers in his truck. This revealed that Post was a transport manager at his son’s company.

Post made a statement at the meeting. He said that he himself felt he could have stayed but that he doesn’t anyway because the cause that discredited him is always thrown at his feet. “I don’t want to do that to my family, myself, the SGP and our Urk community,” said Post.

Urk City Council held an additional session Tuesday evening to discuss an investigation into the Post’s integrity. This investigation was commissioned by Urk’s mayor Ineke Bakker and the council.

According to the investigation, he harmed the community by working for his son’s transport company in addition to serving as a councilor for economy. By hiding or trivializing this secondary position, he also violated community law.

The position wasn’t very senior, according to Post, who resigned pending the August investigation, but the researchers found that Post worked for the company 15 to 20 hours a week for years. When the corona crisis broke out, its activities increased significantly. Post also arranged for the flowers to be transported while his son was arrested. The son is stuck in England and claims to be innocent.