October 27, 2020


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Airbnb ‘barely hit by Corona’ | Money

Airbnb 'barely hit by Corona' | Money

“In addition to holiday accommodation, Airbnb also offers other accommodations such as B&Bs and longer stays, all of which are subject to different rules. In addition, there are still as many accommodations available through Airbnb as before the Coronavirus outbreak,” Airbnb said in a press release on Wednesday.

The organization has come under fire in many cities and may miss such advertisements as toothache, suggesting that certain properties are held entirely or partially for commercial rentals through Airbnb.

Even in Amsterdam, there are “about as many shelters” available as before the pandemic, airbnb claims. To back up its own claim that Airbnb is still alive despite the collapse of tourism, the organization also cites quotes from aldermen from major cities.

Alderman, of Rotterdam City Council, told councillors: “We don’t see the perception that the growth in the supply of rental apartments is made up of apartments that are normally rented out to tourists through websites such as Airbnb.”