January 24, 2021


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Agreement reached in US politics on the corona support package

Agreement reached in US politics on the corona support package

Photo: ANP

The leaders of the Republicans and Democrats of the US Congress reached an agreement on a corona support package of around $ 900 billion (€ 734 million). Republican Senate Chairman Mitch McConnell and his Democratic counterpart Chuck Schumer briefed the Senate on Sunday night.

“We can finally report what our country should have heard a long time ago: More help is coming!” McConnell said. A portion of the billions will provide financial aid to Americans who have lost their jobs due to the corona crisis. The money is also intended for small businesses, hospitals, schools and the distribution of the corona vaccines.

Both the Senate and the House of Representatives – together Congress – must approve the deal. It is still unclear when this will happen.

The politicians are still negotiating the state budget, which may contain the support package, until September 2021. It has a total size of $ 1.4 trillion. If they do not agree on this before midnight (local time) on Sunday, a so-called shutdown of the state services is imminent.

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, said earlier in the day that she would like to give MPs some time to review the bailout package before it goes to the vote.

It is the second largest economic aid package in American history. $ 2.3 trillion was made available during the first corona wave in March.