October 29, 2020


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Again a ‘good picture’ on a busier Sunday in the bazaar

Again a 'good picture' on a busier Sunday in the bazaar

Photo: ANP

Even on the normally busier Sunday, corona measures were well observed in the bazaar in Beverwijk, says a spokeswoman for the organization. “Measures seem to be working well, the picture is good.”

Last Thursday the bazaar heard from the community and security region that it had given the green light to open completely. It was known that Hall 30 South and Halls 31 to 33 could also be opened. Hall 30 North has been open since last Saturday. The halls were closed almost two weeks ago on behalf of the Kennemerland security region and the municipality of Beverwijk, as it turned out to be impossible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.

There was a sense of relief in the bazaar on Saturday that things were able to open fully again. De Bazaar rents space to around 12,000 entrepreneurs. The organization has hired twenty additional enforcers to ensure compliance with the rules (one-way traffic, mandatory mouth masking). Many shopkeepers were also busy on Sunday to ensure that everything ran smoothly.