January 23, 2021


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Action plan to make trains a more attractive alternative to airplanes

Action plan to make trains a more attractive alternative to airplanes

These are routes to Brussels, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Berlin. These cities are less than 700 kilometers from Schiphol and can already be reached by train, but many travelers still travel there by plane. Together, these destinations make up fourteen percent of all flights that land and depart from the airport.

By doing Action agenda for train and aviation For each of the six destinations, it explains what needs to be done to entice more travelers to take the train instead of the plane. This is also in the interests of KLM and Schiphol: This frees up more space at the airport for intercontinental flights. In addition, they show that they contribute to sustainability.

One of the suggestions is that the ICE from Frankfurt and Düsseldorf and the Eurostar from London stop at Schiphol so that travelers can transfer to the plane there. It then becomes attractive to sell combined train and flight tickets for these destinations including a transfer guarantee (so-called AirRail tickets), as has been the case in Brussels for some time.

Train frequencies must also be increased, luggage must be able to be checked in at the station and it is important that train tickets can be booked in advance as well as plane tickets. Many of these measures are currently under further investigation by the parties involved to determine what exactly is required for them and when they can be implemented.

When it comes to questions such as frequency and speed increases, it is often necessary to invest in the rail infrastructure. It is up to the government to decide this and to provide money for it. Shortly before the House of Representatives elections and the ensuing education, this action plan will once again draw policy attention to this.

See an overview of all the suggestions below: