October 28, 2020


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ACM: too much confusion for environmentally conscious consumers | Money

ACM: too much confusion for environmentally conscious consumers | Money

An ACM spokesman said the organisation could “impose fines and names” in the fight against the “spread” of labels. In its annual appeal, the ACM announces that it will enforce more strictly the approximately 100 quality marks that the Netherlands has according to the Food Centre.


The ACM also urges companies to “not use misleading information and logos and reduce the number of sustainability features.”

ACM calls on the government to impose stricter requirements on existing labels. In doing so, it calls on politicians to give a boost to a single sustainability label. “We see an important role for politics,” says the ACM spokesman.


Consumers in particular who want to buy more sustainable products are regularly put in front of supermarket shelves. How do you, as a customer, deal with this? The answer is to investigate for yourself.

“Milieucentraal.nl has a quality label leader,” says a spokesman for the Consumer Association. Further information can also be found on the website of the Consumers’ Association itself.


ACM has long been aware of the problems that can be attached to the labels. At national level, much attention has also been paid to misleading claims of allowances.

For example, the “I choose consciously” logo was removed as early as 2016: the label would indicate whether a product is healthy, but in practice the label worked confusingly.