October 28, 2020


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ACM blames bol.com for a lack of clarity | money

ACM blames bol.com for a lack of clarity | money

ACM will announce this on Monday. Bol.com sells its own products, but other suppliers can also sell their goods. However, this has not been stated clearly enough. ACM will also take this into account with other platforms.

The professional association Thuiswinkel.org has previously asked the web giant to do so.

Closet, wall

“It is important for consumers to know who to turn to if they have problems. Bol.com is now aware of this on the website, which prevents customers from being sent from the column to the post office, ”says Edwin van Houten, Consumer Director of ACM.

Consumers who buy something on such a sales platform need to know what rights they have and whom they can hold accountable for. You also need to know who you are entering into an agreement with: the platform or another seller?

Legal requirements

In addition, platforms must set up their website so that other sellers can comply with their legal obligations, e.g. B. Information about your identity and business address.

The platforms also need to make better terms and conditions agreements with sellers to protect consumers from unfair commercial practices. For example, they could only allow sellers who abide by consumer rules and hold them accountable for failing to do so.

Bo..com replied that it always informed customers when they bought an item from an external sales partner. Since this was not clear enough for all customers, information about the sales partner “becomes more directly visible on the” Buy “button – the place where you click on” Order “.