January 23, 2021


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“A negative result in the Abbott rapid test does not mean much”

"A negative result in the Abbott rapid test does not mean much"

Photo: ANP

The rapid corona test from the American manufacturer Abbott is much less reliable than expected, reports the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) based on its own investigations. In many cases, a negative result turns out to be false, LUMC epidemiologist Frits Rosendaal told kup on Friday.

“The results we have now show that a negative test doesn’t say much,” says Rosendaal. He reports that about half of the time, while someone is actually infected, the test gives a negative result.

According to LUMC, this leads to false security. Rosendaal even speaks of a serious form of insecurity. “You think: I’m not contagious and you will invite Grandpa and Grandma anyway. Or see a few more people than you normally would. While the rule is: do not see people in case of complaints. Then it’s dangerous. “

According to the kup, the rapid tests are offered at various GGD locations. They would have been used 4,000 times on Thursday alone to test people with ailments. Many commercial test lines also use these rapid tests.

In a response to kup, Abbott says these rapid tests are a proven and accurate test with a sensitivity of 90 percent. “We are not aware of this investigation and the researchers have not contacted us.” The LUMC says it will do independent research and never contact producers about it.