May 17, 2021


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“A lower health insurance premium rather than a raise for health workers”

Photo: ANP

Would you like to pay more health insurance premiums if that can increase health worker salaries? Less than a quarter of the Dutch are willing to do so. This is shown by studies among 2000 people on the comparison site Pricewise. This percentage is much higher in people who are or have been infected with corona (76 percent).

Seven out of ten people think it doesn’t make sense anyway if the health insurance premium is higher in 2021 due to additional health care costs due to the corona outbreak. Especially people who have not been infected themselves point this out.

Only 8 percent say they will insure themselves differently next year because of the coronavirus. You mainly take out additional insurance for medical assistance worldwide (37 percent) and medical assistance within Europe (25 percent). More than a quarter will choose health insurance with more freedom of choice for hospitals next year, for example through a reimbursement policy.

Dutch people who were or have been infected with Corona say they are more likely to plan to adjust their insurance than people who have not been infected. Of those infected or infected, 14 percent had to bear additional health costs because of the virus. The group that says they will not take out supplementary insurance in the coming year of care consists mainly of retirees: this group often has a reimbursement policy and supplementary insurance.

Pricewise conducts an annual health survey together with the Inzicht-Büro panel and De kup.