January 15, 2021


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A group of young people causes unrest in Urk again

A group of young people causes unrest in Urk again

Photo: ANP

A group of young people caused another unrest in Urk on Saturday evening. Despite a ban on gathering, they gathered around 11:30 p.m. at a roundabout in the village and lit heavy fireworks, reported Omroep Flevoland. According to the regional broadcaster, however, this did not lead to major disruptions. The Mayor of Urk, Cees van den Bos, announced via Twitter that he looked back “on a quiet evening” and spoke of “the beginning of the road we have to drive together”.

“With the low police deployment and the decisive deployment of the Ouderwacht, things have remained calm,” says Van den Bos. “We are grateful for that. We will make it if everyone puts their weight behind it in the coming weeks. “

A police spokeswoman did not want to say anything about the situation on the former island in the night from Saturday to Sunday. “We will take stock tomorrow. We’ll leave it at that for now. “

Urk residents took to the streets on Saturday evening to prevent young people from throwing heavy fireworks. Almost the entire Urk City Council agreed. In the past week, churches, schools and sports clubs have called on youth to stop the fireworks riot. Sports trainers and teachers addressed the students directly and digitally.

It was quiet on the street for a long time, but at the end of the evening it went wrong again. According to Omroep Flevoland, agents mingled with the young people until midnight, had conversations with them, but did not intervene when fireworks were thrown. Eventually, more and more young people left the roundabout and peace returned.

In the past weekends, Urk had gotten out of hand several times. The riot police had to take action against groups of young people and were pelted with bottles, stones and fireworks.