January 19, 2021


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A full lockdown is the next and final step on the roadmap

A full lockdown is the next and final step on the roadmap

Photo: ANP

The cabinet has put the so-called roadmap online, with which the cabinet wants to control the spread of the virus. The card consists of four risk levels: “vigilant”, “worrying”, “serious” and “very serious”, which include several measures.

On Tuesday, the cabinet announced a “partial lockdown” for the whole of the Netherlands as the number of corona infections is rising too quickly. These are measures associated with “very serious” risk. Participants can then invite three more people to their homes each day, and meetings of up to thirty people are allowed.

If the infections continue to rise, the final step the cabinet can take is a full lockdown, as the roadmap shows. Then nobody is allowed to visit a person’s house, all gatherings and events are prohibited, sports are no longer permitted in the house and, for example, lessons can only be taught online in secondary, college and university education.

This does not mean that nothing is allowed when completely blocked. For example, 100 people can be inside a building for funerals and 250 people can be outside. For example, two people are allowed to play sports outdoors, but at a distance of 1.5 meters.

The roadmap also shows that events for more than eighty people can only be reorganized if the risk level drops to “vigilant”, the lowest level.

The “partial block” is now basically for four weeks. Thereafter, a return to a regional approach based on the roadmap will take place.