January 20, 2021


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85 percent fewer passengers at Brussels Airport in September …

85 percent fewer passengers at Brussels Airport in September ...

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A total of 379,303 passengers arrived at Brussels Airport in September, a decrease of 84.8 percent compared to September 2019. The low figure is due to increasing travel restrictions. Freight traffic increased in September. Brussels Airport reported this on Friday.

Of the 379,303 passengers in September, 175,594 were departing passengers and 203,709 were arriving passengers. This difference is due to the end of the summer holidays and the fact that many destinations became a red zone, with the main destination being Spain first and passengers being forced to return to Belgium. The number of transfer passengers was around 15 percent.

A total of 5,859,201 passengers arrived at the airport in the first nine months of the year, compared with more than 20 million in the previous year. That is a decrease of 70.9 percent.

Freight traffic increased in September for the fourth month in a row. Last month, air freight was 18.9 percent higher than in September 2019. Thanks to this result, Brussels Airport outperforms both global and European growth in air freight.

The total number of flight movements decreased by 66.8 percent to 7,141 flight movements in September 2020 compared to September 2019 (compared to 21,533 in September 2019). The number of passenger flights decreased by 76.5 percent, while the number of cargo flights increased by 39.9 percent. The number of passengers per flight was 86.