October 28, 2020


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“55 percent Dutch 30-plus women proud of appearance”

"55 percent Dutch 30-plus women proud of appearance"

Photo: ANP

More than half of Dutch women are proud of their appearance. This is reported by the women’s magazine LINDA on the basis of a survey of 12,906 women.

Linda.nl explores how happy readers are with their looks. Do they like their bodies? Do they think positively about themselves?

More than half of all respondents say “yes” to the statement “I am proud of my appearance”. Age doesn’t really matter: 58 percent of 18- to 30-year-old women are proud of their appearance and 55 percent of over-30s.

Thirty-eight percent of all respondents rate their appearance at 7 and 28 percent with an 8. The percentages are more or less the same for the over-30s and 30-year-olds. 8 percent of women give their appearance a 5 or lower.

Linda de Mol poses in a bikini on linda’s new cover. The founder of the magazine of the same name says he does this to make a statement about “body positivity.” According to research by the magazine, three-quarters of mothers are never on their own holiday photos, out of uncertainty about their own appearance.

The survey shows that one in three women is more confident because of the “body positivity movement”. Thirty-three percent feel better about it, 63 percent of respondents don’t feel the trend, while a small minority (4 percent) say that their self-confidence actually decreases due to body positivity.