January 15, 2021


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50,000 companies will go bankrupt if the relief efforts …

50,000 companies will go bankrupt if the relief efforts ...

Research firm Graydon predicts that 50,000 companies will be at risk of bankruptcy once corona support ends. “It will be a slow tsunami that will unfold over the coming months and even years.”

The corona pandemic is causing a gigantic economic crisis, of which we are surprisingly little noticed at the moment. Because there are currently 30 percent fewer bankruptcies than usual, although many companies have had to close their doors. The reason for this: the corona support.

Once that goes away, there is a risk of tens of thousands of bankruptcies, according to research firm Graydon. “We have found that 50,000 bankruptcies can occur. Not all of a sudden: it will be a slowly developing tsunami that can spread for months and even years, ”Graydon’s Eric Van den Broele told Radio 1.

It would take eighty billion to save these companies. According to Van den Broele, a fiscal climate must be created in which private money is activated.