December 3, 2020


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14,000 people have already indicated that they are infected via Corona alarms

14,000 people have already indicated that they are infected via Corona alarms

Photo: ANP

Within more than two weeks, around 14,000 people who use the CoronaMelder indicated via this app that they were infected with the Corona virus. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge said this on Monday in the Senate during the debate on the corona law. “That’s pretty much,” he said. More than 3.5 million people have now downloaded the app on their mobile phones. De Jonge found that quite a bit too.

The app has been available nationwide since October 10th. The app notifies users when they have been around an infected person for 15 minutes. The latter must indicate this in the app with the help of the GGD. Recipients are then advised to stay at home and get tested if they have any complaints.

The app aims to help ease the pressure on the source and contact the GGD investigation. All data is anonymous and will not be saved. It is therefore not clear how many people received such a notification, as the system does not indicate it, says a spokesman for De Jonge. According to him, 1,400 people who tested positive for Covid-19 alone reported this in the app along with the GGD.

On Monday, Education Minister Arie Slob received a report on the Corona reporter during a debate in the lower house. A close collaborator has proven positive. Slob received a message about this through his staff, but he also received a notification through the app. The consultations were then suspended because the minister – who had no complaints himself – had to be immediately quarantined.