October 30, 2020


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126 jobs at risk at Getronics Belux: “This is blackmail”

126 jobs at risk at Getronics Belux: "This is blackmail"

At Getronics Belux, 126 jobs are threatened with loss. The union front reported this in a press release on Wednesday. The unions speak of “blackmail”.

According to the union front, management presented the unions on August 3 with “an impossible choice”. Either accept drastic downsizing and a significant cut in wages for the remaining employees or bankruptcy. “Blackmail, which the common union front strongly condemns.”

The changes are part of an acquisition by GSH Private Capital Limited. According to the union front, this acquirer’s management was “tasked with getting the unions to cut 126 of the 336 workers without going through the usual Renault procedure”. And that without exceeding the budget of 2.5 million and a wage cut of up to 15 percent for the remaining staff. This operation had to be completed before the end of August, it is said.

Decent suggestion

According to the unions, management has made it clear that without such a plan it will have to file for bankruptcy. The unions met with management again on Monday 10 August “in the hope of getting a more decent proposal”. “We’re still waiting for an answer.”

A general meeting was held on August 11, at which the employees were informed about the situation. “The anger and disappointment of the employees is enormous and it will undoubtedly manifest itself in the coming days. A request for reconciliation is already being submitted to Joint Committee 200 in order to restore social dialogue. “