October 24, 2020


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115,000 rental apartments in exchange for a discount on the landlord’s tax

115,000 rental apartments in exchange for a discount on the landlord's tax

Photo: ANP

Housing associations want to build 115,000 affordable rental apartments in order to receive a discount on the landlord tax. That is way more than the 80,000 that Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Internal Affairs) predicted in May.

Businesses could subscribe to the program until July 1st. You have five years to actually build the houses.

On Monday, however, Ollongren also made agreements with the municipalities (VNG) and the trade association of housing associations (Aedes) in order to accelerate the construction of these rental properties. At least 25,000 must be built annually within two years.

They also agreed to build 10,000 flex houses over the next two years. These are small houses that are quickly available, for example for students, status holders and migrant workers.

The minister is also meeting with VNG and Aedes by temporarily putting the market investigation (in which a municipality indicates that vacant market housing needs to be built) out of operation. Both organizations believe that this would hinder the construction of rental housing. It would also create too much bureaucracy.