October 23, 2020


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100,000 Dutch join Facebook subpoena | Money

100,000 Dutch join Facebook subpoena | Money

Why? Facebook is getting rich with the resale of users’ private data. “Now everyone knows that Facebook collects their data,” says consumer association spokesman Gerard Spierenburg. ‘But we didn’t know that well at the time. It is the period between 2010 and 2020.”


Spierburg points out that Facebook actively deceived consumers. Money was made from data that we considered private, such as what we shared with friends or interests.

For example, fitness apps used through Facebook collected not only the data of the person who had given it to them, but also their Facebook friends.

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How much money does Facebook have for the consumer? “I have not yet been able to comment on the amounts,” a spokesman for the consumer association said.

“We have now preloaded Facebook. If Facebook wants to talk, we will talk about a compensation amount. If they don’t want to talk, we’ll go to court.’